Illustration Friday – Instinct

Illustration Friday – Instinct, originally uploaded by Diogo Nogueira.

Ilustração retirada de um livro de imagens de minha autoria que estou refazendo aos poucos. Coloquei como IF do tema Instinto porque altruísmo é um instinto bem humano. Não importa se há riscos, algumas pessoas arriscam a própria vida pelos outros.

Illustration I made for a wordless picture book that I am submitting for IF’s theme Instinct. Altruism is considered a human instinct. Sometimes we put our own lives in risk to save or confort another being.


6 Responses to “Illustration Friday – Instinct”

  1. Indigene Says:

    Great concept! Although, only some of us would do that! Vivid imagery.

  2. ellifolks Says:

    Poor little guy! I think kids tend to be naturally altruist – especially when it comes to animals. I love the color and textures in this!!

  3. Joyce Ann Martin Says:

    I love your idea. 🙂 You really captured the sad expression on usually such a scary creature!

  4. Vhrsti Says:

    Really nice!

  5. nellita Says:

    thanks for your comment in my blog!!!! and this is a great idea!!!;)

  6. sheree Says:

    very sweet

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